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Hands [in memory of Paul Canfield] August 25, 2008

Posted by rogerhollander in Hands [In Memory of Paul Canfield], Poetry, Roger's Poetry.
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In memory of Paul Canfield





themselves carved of passion and mystery

mistress to creation’s fashion and misery



beauty chase beastly fear

shavings scatter

fertilize desires …dreams … memories





eternal soap opera

sorrow just an other’s cliche

tomorrow just another day


on mother earth

confusions pour

delusions reign

hearts strain

art is pain

truths seclude

hands denude


but not always patient

to wait for sun’s shadow

to shield primordial doubt


tears are wept

faith is kept


in our hands




                                                                                                                                roger hollander

                                                                                                                                playas, ecuador

                                                                                                                                september 15, 1998