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The More Things Change… May 11, 2009

Posted by rogerhollander in War, Women.
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(Roger’s note: this article caught my attention for two reasons.  I have for some time been using the phrase “Plus ca change … you can believe in” to characterize the Obama presidency.  Further, I always stop to read anything under the byline of Cindy Sheehan, whom I consider to be one of the most courageous and patriotic of Americans.  It is clear that her son’s death has caused her unfathomable grief, but instead of internalizing and being paralyzed by that grief, it has become a springboard for her to work tirelessly to the end that other mothers do not have to suffer what she has.  In a sense she has politicized her grief into a no-holds-barred struggle to analyze, understand and combat the ugly, avaracious, parasitic and bloodthirsty government-led war machine that on a wholesale basis takes the lives of mothers’ sons on all sides of any conflict.  She has achieved political wisdom and sophistication, which she often expresses in the most simple yet profound way.  For instance: “I guess many people still believe to love one’s child who has been wrongfully killed in war, means one has to support that war and the lying American presidents? I didn’t buy it in 2004, and I buy it even less now.”).  She has been slandered and maligned but she keeps on keepin’ on, and she remains a hero in my book).


I think many of us know the origins of Mother’s Day were for Peace and a universal declaration that we mothers won’t send our children to die in wars or to kill the children of other mothers.


“Angelique and Child” by Edna Hibel 


Even though we have always been a genocidal, war-like culture, we have gone so far afield from the original meaning of Mother’s Day it’s ridiculous! Now it’s a day that’s a boon for Hallmark cards and long distance phone carriers. We American mothers are still sending our children off to die in Robber Class wars and to kill the children of other mothers.


For my part in being co-dependant with the Robber Class in its wars for imperial profit, I am “celebrating” my sixth Mother’s Day without my oldest child, Casey. No matter what the right-wing spin-doctors like to accuse me of: I do love my son and he loved me.

Just because I think the leaders of his country betrayed him and his good intentions, does not diminish our love. I guess many people still believe to love one’s child who has been wrongfully killed in war, means one has to support that war and the lying American presidents? I didn’t buy it in 2004, and I buy it even less now.


Because of my campaign for Congress, I have been operating in high drama-trauma mode for months now, but everything was put into perspective to me this week when my surviving son, Andy, fell very ill and was put into intensive care. He had an astronomically high fever and his liver and spleen were enlarged and the doctors were operating on the theory that he was ill with hepatitis or lymphoma. All of the previous stress became very minor compared to having an extremely sick child. For the first time since Casey was killed, I had a hard time getting out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other.


I am thrilled beyond belief to report that Andy (who is thankfully not one of the 50 million Americans without health insurance) is much better and has been moved out of intensive care to a regular room and looks like he is moving on the road to full recovery: the liver biopsy showed that there was no cancer or hepatitis and he probably has been suffering all week from a bacterial or viral infection.

Even though I don’t have Casey with me this Mother’s Day, I have my other son, two daughters and a wonderful grandson.


In spite of all of the challenges of my daily life, I am so blessed. I am beyond blessed when I think of all of the mothers in US-war torn countries that have lost far more than I have.


No matter what you personally think of our new president, the Robber Class wars for profit are continuing as bad or even worse than during the last regime and mothers are still losing their children all over the world by and for the empire.


Again, the Robber Class wars for profit will never end as long as we in the Robbed Class allow our children to participate.