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Police Refuse to Arrest Protesters: These People Are Not Causing Trouble October 25, 2011

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Roger’s note: I recently watched a video that juxtaposed Obama and Clinton decrying the attacks on peaceful protesters in Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, etc. with footage of police brutality agains the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  What is reported below from Albany, New York, appears to be an exception, but let us hope other city police forces will follow example.
10.24.11 – 9:03 PM
by Abby Zimet

State troopers and police pushed back against orders from the mayor and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration to enforce a city curfew and arrest Occupy Albany protesters that included families and older people, saying it would damage community relations and their policy is not to prosecute peaceful protesters. Both entirely logical arguments. They even offered white lies on protesters’ behalf, saying the were confined to sidewalks when in fact they had set up tents on park land. Bravo Albany.

“There was a lot of discussion about how it would look if we started pulling people away from their kids and arresting them … and then what do we do with the children?”