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EV advocate Paul Scott off Obama guest list following public outcry June 9, 2013

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Roger’s note: this is how American “democracy” works; if you have a spare thirty two thousand laying around you can get a meeting with the president, that is, unless you have something to say he doesn’t want to hear; in which case, forget it, not even your money is any good.  God Bless America.

paul scott

Posted Jun 6th 2013 2:02PM

People like to criticize US politics. People like to speak poorly about President Barack Obama. There are a lot of electric vehicle haters out there. Put those three issues into the Internet blender and it’s no surprise when they blow up. That’s what happened with the recent story about long-time EV advocate Paul Scott spending $32,400 of his retirement savings to attend an Obama fundraiser and thereby get a chance to talk to the President about the benefits of electric vehicles.

In fact, the story got so much attention that the Democratic National Committee has now apparently disinvited Scott and returned his check. Even though Scott – a Nissan Leaf salesman, a co-founder of Plug In America and a friend of the site – took the action independent of his job and his PIA association, the public discussion of “pay for access” apparently mucked things up but good. We’ve asked Scott for his thoughts on the matter, but have not yet heard back. He did tell Mother Nature Network that, “I’m not in good health, and I don’t know how much longer I’ll live. This seemed like a good way to spend my money, to push the economic benefits of electric cars for our nation. My thought is that the average American pays this kind of money, over time, to the oil companies. We pay out $700 billion a year to Big Oil, and spend $80 billion a year protecting the oil supply.” It’s a discussing worth having, $32,400 or no. You can read Scott’s original message to the President here.

*UPDATE: Scott sent AutoblogGreen a new statement, which you can read below.


One (Obscenely Profitable) Day In the Life of Big Oil August 2, 2012

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08.02.12 – 12:02 PM, www.commondreams.org


by Abby Zimet

Every hour this year, the five biggest oil companies have made $14,400,000 in profits, or more in one minute than what 96% of American households earn in one year. Each hour they also received over $270,000 in federal tax breaks, or $2.4 billion a year. Romney and the GOP want to double that, even though they already pay under 17% in taxes. ThinkProgress created a great chart tracking their money and pollutants over one day.



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  • Suspiria_de_profundis 1 comment collapsed CollapseExpand

    It not just BIG OIL. It the entire rotten Corporate State that does this.

    70 percent of all income announced as profits last year by JP MOrgan were bailout funds and subsidies.

    General Electric pays a negative income tax rate as they outsource more jobs to China.

    Caterpillar makes record profits yet demands its workers in USA take massive wage cuts or jobs will be moved off shore.

    Wal_Mart employees are paid such a pittance as its owners roll in billions of dollars, thaty the State has to subsize the worker with health care and food stamps.

    CAPITALISM is the problem.


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  • Vlorg 1 comment collapsed CollapseExpand

    So here we have some nasty-looking facts about Big Oil, combined with a PhotoShop-ped photo of a hapless-looking GW Bush (“Will Kill for Oil”) and the assertion that “Romney and the GOP want to double” Big Oil’s federal tax breaks.

    Should we therefore see Big Oil’s evil-doing as mainly evincing the wickedness of “Republicans?” Should we therefore imagine that Democrats are any less the slaves of the oil corporations than Republicans? Isn’t there a guy in the White House named Obama who just in the past 2 years, ran interference for BP in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, after reversing himself and coming out in support of off-shore drilling?

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  • theoldgoat 1 comment collapsed CollapseExpand

    The wiggly fingered hypnosis of greed and power – the delusional thingification of life:

    dye your hair
    buy the most ‘exclusive’ expensive lifestyle that proves you are .001%
    live like there’s no tomorrow

    will get you

    ‘died’ hair
    exclusion from the natural paradigm
    no tomorrow

    What a return on investment – yahoooooo!!!

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  • speakup2day 1 comment collapsed CollapseExpand

    “Each hour they also received over $270,000 in federal tax breaks, or
    $2.4 billion a year. Romney and the GOP want to double that, even though
    they already pay under 17% in taxes.”

    So, will we next hear Obama and the Democrats tell us they will double the federal tax breaks to the five biggest oil companies to $540,000 per hour, or $4.8 billion a year? Because that’s how this administration works.

McQuaig: Financial elite back in the saddle November 17, 2009

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Linda McQuaig

Toronto Star, November 17, 2009

The good news is that there are still some tickets left for the Fraser Institute’s 35th anniversary gala dinner next Monday night in Vancouver. The bad news is that the tickets – including tables for 10 at $7,000 – will probably all eventually be sold. And that means yet more money flowing into the amply filled coffers of an organization that for 3 1/2 decades has worked tirelessly to cut taxes for the rich, undermine public health care, destroy confidence in public education and prevent Canada from joining the global climate change battle. Amazingly, the rich executives attending the Vancouver gala will all get tax receipts for their tickets, allowing them to further reduce their taxes below the already low levels the Fraser Institute has been instrumental in winning for them. (The effective tax rate on the richest .01 per cent of Canadians – a group that will be out in force at the gala – has fallen by 26 per cent in the past decade and a half, according to Statistics Canada data.) The Fraser crowd will be revelling in the growing power of business in Canada – a significant change from the more egalitarian 1970s, when the institute started up with help from U.S. conservatives like billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and the John M. Olin Foundation, notes Donald Gutstein in his new book Not a Conspiracy Theory. The crowd next Monday will no doubt be especially thrilled to have dodged a bullet. This time last year, in the wake of the Wall Street collapse, financial elites everywhere seemed under siege. In Canada, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government almost fell after it signalled it wasn’t planning any economic stimulus – only to be saved when Harper talked the Governor General into allowing his minority to survive, even though it had lost the support of Parliament. A year later, financial elites are safely back in the saddle, enjoying a virtual stranglehold over key public policies. Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, argued in The Atlantic last May that in recent decades the U.S. financial elite has essentially captured control of the U.S. government, in much the same way financial oligarchies capture control of Third World “banana republics.” The muscle of Canada’s own elite is evident in the way it has blocked meaningful action on climate change – even though a massive injection of government funds could convert Canada to a green economy while restoring the 400,000 jobs lost in the past year. But that’s not on the Fraser Institute’s agenda. Fronting for Big Oil, it’s been pumping out climate change misinformation for years, generating enough public confusion to allow the Harper government to get away with doing nothing. At a conference in Barcelona earlier this month, some 400 environmental organizations declared Canada the world’s most obstructionist country in global efforts on climate change. The Fraser Institute describes itself as an “independent non-profit research and educational organization.” Sounds like any struggling charity, except that the tax receipts go to ensure that the glittering gala crowd continues to keep the country on a tight leash. Five years ago, then opposition leader Stephen Harper lavished praise on the institute in a video clip shown at its 30th anniversary gala in Calgary. This time, with Harper carefully cultivating a more moderate image, he may not be on the jumbotron. But members of Canada’s financial elite won’t be worried; they’ll know their man’s on the job.

Linda McQuaig’s column appears every other week.