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Images (4) March 4, 2017

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Roger’s note: Here are some more images, which I hope are worth at least a thousand words.  But I add a few anyway (here in Ecuador my fruit lady always throws in some extra, it’s called “Yapa.”)


You can always count on those who benefit, always unjustly, from the status quo, to come up with what are supposed to appear to be “self-evident” eternal truths.  Of course these are nothing more than verbal slights of hand designed to take the wind out of the efforts of those who struggle for change (justice).



This cartoon was designed for a Clinton victory, but because she lost the civilians of mostly Muslim countries will have to continue to blasted to smithereens by a male president.  Well, at least he is white and not a Black Kenyan.


How dare it be suggested that this traditional American value group be considered as terrorist.


Nike has somehow been able to withstand my my many years of personal boycott.  When I could only find a baseball cap that fit me with the logo I wanted, for the first time in ages I purchased the slash.  Please don’t tell anyone.






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