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Trump’s Finger on the Button February 23, 2017

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Roger’s note: I sign several petitions every day.  Every once in a while, I would imagine, it does some good.  I don’t, however, make it a habit of sharing these petitions because I assume my readers are likely receiving the same ones that are sent to me.  However, for the nightmarish idea, now hard frightening reality, that Trump has the capacity to willy nilly initiate a nuclear conflagration, I here make an exception.  Please sign if you haven’t already.


Stephen Miles, Win Without War

It’s almost too terrifying to believe. In a matter of minutes, with no one able to stop him, Donald Trump could launch a nuclear war that would literally kill everyone on the planet. Thankfully, we can do something right now to make sure that never happens.

Click here to tell Congress to take away Donald Trump’s ability to launch a nuclear war.

American Presidents have the ability to launch thousands of nuclear bombs, each more deadly than the ones that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on a moment’s notice. In theory, this system was designed to help defend America from an attack, but it’s always had one insane flaw. We don’t actually have to be under attack for a president to unilaterally launch a nuclear war. No president should ever have that kind of power to destroy and kill.

Thankfully, we can do something about this. Progressive champions Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Ted Lieu, have introduced legislation that would fix this broken system. Their bill would make it clear that, unless America is under attack, the President needs Congress to declare war before he or she launches nuclear weapons. That’s the way the Constitution says the system should work, and there’s no reason nuclear war should be any different.

Sign the petition to support protecting the Constitution and ensuring no president can unilaterally start a nuclear war.

Nuclear bombs are the most deadly weapons ever created and it should be harder – not easier – for the President to use them. Knowing that Donald Trump’s finger is now on that nuclear button is just the latest reminder that this system is broken. Let’s act now to take a giant step back from the brink of nuclear war and help make our world a little bit safer.

Click the link below to take action now!


Thank you for working for peace,

Stephen, Mariam, Bill, Amy, and the Win Without War team



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