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September 5, 2013

Posted by rogerhollander in Israel, Gaza & Middle East, Uncategorized, War.
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March on Washington to say “Vote NO to war against Syria!”
Saturday, September 7 @ 12 noon
Gather at the White House + March to the Capitol Building

http://www2.answercoalition.org/site/R?i=FYvwLz3iiVZIdUFBIVTyLg http://www2.answercoalition.org/site/R?i=-eh7fciSmoHw_9ivoqxoHg http://www2.answercoalition.org/site/R?i=yCYD7HsOXp_kEPgBXYalXA

Get on the bus to DC! Help spread the word!

Dear roger,

Now is the time for the people to step up pressure on Congress and demand that they vote NO to any resolution authorizing a military attack on Syria. Time is of the essence.

On Saturday, September 7, people are descending on Washington, D.C., for a major demonstration that will assemble at the White House at 12 Noon and then march on the Capitol Building as Congress returns to and prepares to vote. This demonstration is endorsed by the ANSWER Coalition, CODEPINK, UNAC and many other organizations.

Get on the bus to DC!

A bus will be leaving from New York City to the demonstration on Saturday morning. Get your bus ticket right now to attend this urgent March on Congress!

http://www2.answercoalition.org/site/R?i=74fORVPAiPPrcccAVJivjQGet your NYC bus ticket today!

Get info about transportation from:

Help spread the word!



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