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Obama: Speak Loudly and Carry a Toothpick January 23, 2013

Posted by rogerhollander in Barack Obama.
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President Obama, standard-bearer of the Republican agenda,*  takes on the Tea Party in inaugural address.
*war mongering (drone missiles, Afghanistan escalation, Pakistan, Libya, Sudan, and heeeeeere comes Iran)
*support of Israel Gaza massacres
*support of Latin America coups (Honduras, Paraguay) and right-wing governments (Colombia, Panama, Mexico)
*bank/Wall Street bailouts
*insurance industry health care plan
*protecting torturers (past:Bush/Cheney; present: Bagram)
*destroying public education (standardized testing)
*state secrets
*pursuing whistle blowers
*Patriot Act
*presidential kill list
*indefinite detention
*your favorite Obama cop-out here _____________________________


1. 47whitebuffalo - January 23, 2013

favorite Obama cop-out : Climate Change
next favorite Obama cop-out: Violence Against Women
–Nuclear Energy
–Tar Sands
–Military “rape” issue
–Environmental “Protection”–as in what protection?
etc etc etc

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