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New Facts on the Ground January 15, 2013

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http://www.commondreams.org, 01.14.13 – 9:30 PM

by Abby Zimet

The (illegal) Israeli eviction of the 20 tents and 200 Palestinians of Bab al-Shams in the West Bank’s disputed “E1” is not the end of the story, most observers say, but the beginning of a smart new form of popular resistance that turns the Israeli penchant for citing “facts on the ground” against itself. Photos, Twitter, and more on Israeli lawlessness, what the village means to the author of the original “Bab al-Shams,” what it means to many others.

“Bab Alshams is the gate to our freedom and steadfastness. Bab Alshams is our gate to Jerusalem. Bab Alshams is the gate to our return…For decades, Israel has established facts on the ground as the International community remained silent in response to these violations. The time has come now to change the rules of the game, for us to establish facts on the ground – our own land.”


  • northern flicker11 hours ago

    as a Canadian Jew i feel almost sick to my stomach seeing this photograph of humanity vs. the arrogant injustice of Israeli power.

  • Michael S. Moore2 hours ago

    These two women’s smiles say it all.

  • northern flicker7 hours ago

    Indeed, serenidade. i know a reserve soldier in the IDF (i’ve never been to Israel) who has over the years gone thru changes and now, as a photojournalist covering peaceful Palestinian protests in the West Bank, gets teargassed by Israeli soldiers and border police. Contrary to their own regulations, the soldiers and police shoot straight at photojournalists. This man i know has meanwhile been making Palestinian friends, and has realized that it is only when we connect with the “other” that we can see that s/he is the same as ourselves.

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