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ALL GOD’S CHILDREN December 16, 2012

Posted by rogerhollander in A: Roger's Original Essays, Gun Control/Violence.

I was thinking about putting up a post with a headline about the Newtown massacre, but illustrated with photos of the children murdered by US drone missiles.  I decided not to do this because it didn’t feel right or respectful to be making a political point on the deaths of those tragic Sandy Hook children.

Nevertheless, I believe it has to be noted that the nation which (rightfully so) goes into profound mourning for the child victims of this insanity, has an obligation to take note of and do something about the children in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. who are massacred with drone missiles paid for with their tax dollars and sent by a government they elected.  It is natural and understandable that we pay more attention to what is in our immediate neighborhood.  Nonetheless, the United States calls itself a democracy, and its citizens have a responsibility which goes beyond its national borders.  And those religious fanatics (who are today in the political and media mainstream) who claim that the US is or should be a Christian nation ironically and hypocritically tend to be those who go overboard in the protection of our children while ignoring and supporting the policies that lead to the destruction of “God’s children” who are non-white or live in foreign lands.

Noam Chomsky makes the distinction between retail and wholesale terrorism, characterizing US government foreign warfare in the latter category.  The sociopathic and/or psychopathic killers from Columbine to Arizona to Norway to Colorado to Newtown, Connecticut who target innocent civilians, including children, are one thing.  The government/military/CIA tossing unmanned predator missiles at civilian populations is another.

As we mourn those senselessly massacred at Sandy Hook we have an obligation not to forget those massacred in our name around the globe.




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