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Canada: Conservatives Putting Your Safety at Risk — Again November 29, 2012

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You and I both know that the first priority for Canada’s food inspectors should be the health and safety of Canadian families.

But does Stephen Harper agree?

Today, Canadian families woke up to yet another food safety scandal. A leaked memo confirms that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ordered meat inspectors to not enforce health standards for meat going to Canadian consumers. Instead, they were instructed to focus on meat that would be exported.

“Our number 1 priority is to ensure this standard is met with Japan-eligible carcasses. Ensure that non-Japan-eligible carcasses are not inspected for spinal cord/dura-mater, OCD (other carcass defects) and minor ingesta … Ignore them.” (emphasis added)

This double-standard directive was issued in 2008, and then again in 2010 and 2011. It confirms that the Conservatives have been mismanaging food safety for years, endangering the safety of food that Canadians put on their dinner table every day.

We cannot let the Conservatives get away with this shocking neglect. Help us fight back – right now.

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http://links.ndp.ca/a/l.x?t=jkmhajbkkaceogjncajgmdkg&M=12&v=4 http://links.ndp.ca/a/l.x?t=jkmhajbkkaceogjncajgmdkg&M=13&v=4 http://links.ndp.ca/a/l.x?t=jkmhajbkkaceogjncajgmdkg&M=14&v=4

Under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, we’ve already faced a fatal listeriosis outbreak and the largest beef recall in Canadian history.

But even now, they aren’t taking this threat seriously. This year alone, they cut $46 million from food safety, forcing inspectors to do more with less.

Help spread the word about the Conservatives’ attack on food safety in Canada.

Let’s pressure this government now – and make sure they start putting our food safety first.

Malcolm Allen, MP Agriculture Critic



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