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Consumed By the Flames: The Myth of the Moral Army August 28, 2012

Posted by rogerhollander in Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Israel, Gaza & Middle East.
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Roger’s note: A sad but not unexpected verdict by Israeli “Justice” on the murder of Rachel Corrie.

08.28.12 – 11:51 AM, www.commondreams.org


by Abby Zimet

The ruling by an Israeli court that the death of activist Rachel Corrie was an accident of her own making, and not part of a brutal Israeli mindset that sees anyone – child, peaceful protester, innocent bystander – as a legitimate target, makes it truly, as Corrie’s long-suffering mother said, a bad day for humanity, and the rule of law. It also raises the grievous question: If Israel insists on calling Hamas a terrorist organization, what to call the Israeli army?


iowablackbirdan hour ago

thank you cindy and craig corrie for standing up in the name of your daughter. please send the corrie’s a message; let them know you appreciate their herculean efforts to seek justice in the face of murderers.


“If Israel insists on calling Hamas a terrorist organization, what to call the Israeli army?”

agents of a racist apartheid state.




    We have had the “moral army” myth for thousands of years. Roman soldiers had “virtus” or manliness in killing. The Catholic Church has its “just war” doctrine to justify mass slaughter of innocents.

    All soldiers in all armies in the entire history of the world are murderers and rapists, or their accomplices.



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