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“Partisan prosecution of crimes and non-crimes by Republicans under President Clinton has been aggravated by Republican defensiveness and Democratic spinelessness under Bush.  But it is the Democratic switch to defending all presidential wrongdoing since 2008 that has put the largest nails into the coffin of legitimate rule by law in this country.  Bush’s crimes have been legitimized.  Obama has claimed the power to torture as he deems necessary, the power to imprison and rendition as he sees fit, the power to murder any human being including U.S. citizens and children as he and he alone declares necessary, and powers of state secrecy that Nixon and Cheney never dreamed of.  While Bush lied the Congress into a war that a reasonably intelligent 8 year old could have seen through, Obama has made the launching of wars a matter for the president alone.  And that’s just fine with Democrats.”

This is an excerpt from “Un-Cheating Justice: Two Years Left to Prosecute Bush,” by David Swanson.  For the entire article: http://www.truth-out.org/un-cheating-justice-two-years-left-prosecute-bush/1330872233



1. Nancy - March 20, 2012

This is so true. Obama is a very evil man. Putting things into place to bring in the ANTI-CHRIST. Straight up MUSLIM. NOT CHRISTIAN. GOD HELP US AND HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA.

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