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One Year, Six Months, Three Weeks Later, Manning Gets His Day In Court November 22, 2011

Posted by rogerhollander in Civil Liberties, Criminal Justice, Democracy.
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Alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning finally has a court date, Dec. 16, after 18 months in prison, much of that time under harsh conditions. Supporters are planning a rally.

www.commondreams.org, November 22, 2011


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Posted by Ocean
Nov 21 2011 – 6:06pm

Bradley Manning 2012

Posted by martha
Nov 21 2011 – 6:49pm


Posted by Galenwainwright…
Nov 21 2011 – 7:16pm

I hope that his mental state due to the barbaric conditions he has been held under is clearly demonstrated and documented to both the court and the general public.

Posted by SFJeff
Nov 22 2011 – 11:53am

Indeed.  Reminds me of Catch-22.  Not sure if I’m describing the book’s ideas quite right but:  if this scene wouldn’t make you crazy then you’re crazy.  The point with Bradley is that what type of person won’t crack under such constant brutality and rejection?

The UK-Guardian video is most heartbreaking.

Posted by Ragavacharyar
Nov 21 2011 – 7:44pm

Wow. How is it that Manning has spent so long in jail waiting for a court date? I assume this is some form of military court arraignment that he’ll be appearing for. In many jurisdictions in civilian courts, there is an upper limit on the number of days between the complaint’s filing and the arraignment. If there was an arraignment there is almost always an upper limit on incarceration if the suspect asserts their right to speedy trial. I guess the military system of justice has no such equivalent that curbs the power of the sovereign from giving de facto punishment in the form of pre-trial incarceration.

Posted by Galenwainwright…
Nov 21 2011 – 8:26pm

Make no mistake. This was an act of torture and intimidation.

Torture of Manning for daring to have a conscience, intimidation of the rest of the population not to get the same idea.

Posted by alank
Nov 21 2011 – 10:37pm

Well, YES. He committed the gravest crime possible in America: he exposed those who wish to CONTROL EVERYTHING, wanting no one or no facts to get in their way.

Posted by drone
Nov 21 2011 – 8:45pm

sometimes people seem to forget that habeus corpus is still officially expunged. there is, basically, no law other than proclamation.

Posted by skiendhiu
Nov 21 2011 – 9:19pm

I would say that Galenwainwright  has it right  the coming court proceedings will be a kangaroo court and a joke, but not for Mr. Manning,  if he is not executed for treason  he will spend the rest of his life in a  stockade,  the govt./army is going to make a major out of him …a major example,  this poor kid….  they havent begun to fuck with him,  but hopefully someday he will be remembered  in history as a true patriot, that suffered brutally at  the hands of his own govt./comrades   for telling the truth to the world.   Trully a pathetic look at america.  a country where you can lie, steal, cheat, defraud. get bail outs when you have really screwed everyone over….   but beware of the truth speaker…increddible

Posted by WaldenPond
Nov 22 2011 – 1:51am

Skiendhiu has it right, Unfortunately, I often wonder about the minds of the guards who do the torture of Bradley Manning, and the minds of the police who pepper spray directly into the faces of passive students sitting on the ground. How could it be that these people grew up in the USA, learned in 2nd grade about George Washington telling the truth, recited every day that America is a land with “liberty and justice for all”, but still aggressively act to destroy truth and to deny liberty and justice?  The minds of these people are something that psychologists should study and try to understand.  Those minds and their thinking are the major threat to Americans and the rest of the world.  But we have not a clue what is going on in their heads.

Posted by gardenernorcal
Nov 22 2011 – 10:29am

It’s already been studied.  And put to good use by those that train military and paramilitary.  I am surprised you’re not familiar with it.  I learned of it in a high school civics course.


Posted by syzygydeb
Nov 22 2011 – 1:14am

It will be a forever remembered shame on all Americans if we don’t get him out. I would only hope we occupy and demand. After all, who will run for president against Julian Asange! Imagine both candidates are truthful heros. That would be a first in our history.

Posted by ThomasJefferson…
Nov 22 2011 – 3:32am

Poor guy.  The shoethrower’s family claimed Bush the Inferior tortured their reporter for his harmless stunt, so you know poor Manning’s been getting “enhanced interrogation” on the John Yoo Waterboard.  If so, they’ll probably give him the Timothy McVeigh treatment just to make sure he doesn’t write a book about it later.

God, a government that tortures people and shoots little kids in cars!  I still feel like it’s just a bad dream, and any second I’m going to wake up and laugh my azz off about just how silly dreams can be.

But this nightmare just keeps getting worse every year.

Horrible cannibals on Wall Street who sanction this barbarism!  Awful Dark Ages where laptops are smashed and nobody can read books in a park anymore.  Crazy rabbit-hole where Red Queens in the Oval Office shout “Off with their heads!”

Get me outa here!

Posted by robert1234
Nov 22 2011 – 4:52am

Manning needs rescued.

Posted by courtjester
Nov 22 2011 – 9:33am

Manning’s legal team should remind the courts martial that the US President, Commander in Chief, constitutional lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize winner totally prejudiced the case by openly declaring last April in San Francisco that Manning had ‘broken the law”.  This, before any evidence had been brought forth, let alone a trial.  There should a summary judgment of dismissal of all charges and the release of Manning from military custody.  When the national leader pronounces judgment, no fair trial is possible, especially in the military context of subservience  and obeying orders.

Posted by WebDude
Nov 22 2011 – 9:59am

Just a thought… Manning is being moved closer to a trial date because Julian Asange is going to be turned over to USofA & they will get a show trial together?

Posted by gardenernorcal
Nov 22 2011 – 10:32am

This is just a formality.  Manning’s ordeal is only beginning.  He’ll die a broken man if he isn’t already.

Posted by independentminded
Nov 22 2011 – 11:30am

Oh, so Bradley Manning finally gets his day in court, eh?  My, my, how touching.  Why don’t the people running this country get THEIR day in court?



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