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Arab revolts for change…a feeling of déjà vu! March 22, 2011

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Me…an ordinary Algerian woman.
The rest is all in my writings…all in my silent ellipsis …

By BentAljazair

Long time ago…in the Middle East – 1916-1918…the Arabs wanted to rise up against the Ottoman Empire. They wanted change! They wanted to get rid of the Turkish tyranny!

The British Empire offered them a helping hand…the empire promised freedom for all the Arabs…they believed it…Arabs thought, it is their right to use any mean to gain freedom from tyranny…so they backed the British army in their fight against the Ottoman empire (which was the Muslim khilafa at that time, but that is another story)…the local Arabs even helped General Allenby in the 3rd battle of Gaza… yes Gaza… they helped the Trojan British horse get inside Palestine …and the way was open to the holy land…to all the Middle East…

After the defeat of the Turks…it is the strong British empire that filled the vacuum left by the fall of the Ottoman empire…and the British empire didn’t honor its promises …and the Arabs didn’t get freedom … their land got reshaped …sliced into many states under British occupation and the ruling of new local tyrants…

…and the best of the best…a precious bit of their land was given to the… Zionists!

Almost a century later…the whole region still suffers from the consequences of these “British manipulated” Arab revolts…

Without the help of the Arabs …the British Empire wouldn’t have occupied the region…

Without the miscalculation of the Arabs there would have been no land to be given to the Zionists…

Without the betrayal of the Arabs the Muslim khilafa wouldn’t have fallen…(but that’s another story)

The Arabs’ resentment against the Turks was used by the British to topple the Ottoman empire …the Arabs didn’t have any alternative to offer to the Ottoman empire…they just wanted to get rid of it…but the power vacuum had to be filled… and the British empire had power, a plan and a clear goal…occupation!

 Revolt is not revolution!

One century later…

…2011 in the Middle East …the Arabs want to rise up against their ruling dictators. They want change! They want to get rid of tyranny! The US Empire offered them a helping hand…the empire promises freedom, democracy  for all the Arabs…and the Arabs still believe the promises…made by Western empires…and Arabs still think… it is their right to use …any mean to gain freedom from tyranny…

…trading local tyrants for …new global ones…

same old… Arab story…



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