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Right-Wing Radio Host Gets Waterboarded, and Lasts Six Seconds Before Saying It’s Torture May 22, 2009

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waterboarding 2

By John Byrne, Raw Story. Posted May 22, 2009, www.alternet.org

Chicago radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller decided he’d get himself waterboarded to prove the technique wasn’t torture.

It didn’t turn out that way. “Mancow,” in fact, lasted just six or seven seconds before crying foul. Apparently, the experience went pretty badly — “Witnesses said Muller thrashed on the table, and even instantly threw the toy cow he was holding as his emergency tool to signify when he wanted the experiment to stop,” according to NBC Chicago.

“The average person can take this for 14 seconds,” Marine Sergeant Clay South told his audience before he was waterboarded on air. “He’s going to wiggle, he’s going to scream, he’s going to wish he never did this.”

Mancow was set on a 7-foot long table with his legs elevated and his feet tied.

“I wanted to prove it wasn’t torture,” Mancow said. “They cut off our heads, we put water on their face…I got voted to do this but I really thought ‘I’m going to laugh this off.’ ”

The upshot? “It is way worse than I thought it would be, and that’s no joke,” Mancow told listeners. “It is such an odd feeling to have water poured down your nose with your head back…It was instantaneous…and I don’t want to say this: absolutely torture.”

“Absolutely. I mean that’s drowning,” he added later. “It is the feeling of drowning.”

“If I knew it was gonna be this bad, I would not have done it,” he said.

The 42-year-old radio host is no stranger to controversy. In 2005, he was maligned for saying that then-Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean was “vile,” “bloodthirsty,” “evil” and “should be kicked out of America.”


1. christianliberal - May 23, 2009

So where is Sean Hannity?

It’s kinda SAD that the right has taken up the banner of torture.
I saw Pat Robertson on TV yesterday and he was defending Dick Cheney’s torture stance.
I have always respected Robertson as a religious leader, but he has lost his spiritual compass when he condones such treatment.
What happened to family values?
Who would Jesus torture?

2. mspace - July 1, 2010

Ein Rechtsstaat, wie die USA einer sein will, kann sich solche Methoden nicht erlauben.. ohne Urteil werden Menschen gefangen gehalten, ohne Anklage über Jahre ihrer Freiheit beraubt.
Das Sicherheitsbedürfnis in Ehren, aber die Gesetzte gelten für alle Menschen.. zumindest die Menschenrechte sollte ein Rechtsstaat einhalten, der dies von anderen Nationen verlangt.

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