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Uncle Sam and the Global Pillage August 25, 2008

Posted by rogerhollander in Poetry, Roger's Poetry, Uncle Sam and the Global Pillage.
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©Roger Hollander 2008



cramp your style

on the miracle mile

acid test in the midwest

californication sweeping the nation

non-white no doubt

three strikes you’re out


setbacks for wetbacks

stinginess for the indigineous

uncouth with youth

treat the weak

like a freak

pray with a gay

for the day

they’ll stay away


all lookers are hookers

right to life

could kill your wife


cops are tops

don’t like wops

pick on spicks

triggers for niggers

jinx on chinks

gags for fags

tricks for chicks



a little

for the middle


free trade

trees frayed

last prayer

for the ozone layer

old MacDonald has a chicken

old rainforest takes a licken’

milk Mother Earth

for all’s she’s worth

silence springs till

the fat lady sings


Hussain’s insane

Khadaffy’s daffy

Milosivek’s a Bolshevik

Fujimori’s a tory

Sharon’s not alone

Gore was whore

Kerry is merry

Bush in a rush

to fry your toosh


race riots

Hiltons Hyatts

Sunday palms

smart bombs

morons thugs

wars on drugs


capitol punishment

senators predators

mayors players

governor pumps iron

no one’s tryin’

the country’s cryin’

aryan nations



outstretched hands

foreign lands

dessert dawn

lines drawn

in sands

to the greed for which it stands

read my lips

Iraq drips

all kidding aside


W’s Md

for you and me

will make us free

to die at sea


civil rights ain’t no mo’

buried at Guantanamo


pidgin’ religion

prayers in schools

tears for fools

creationist science

silent compliance

born again

porn again

take a sinner

out to dinner

cantor’s buried tales

disappearing whales

our father who art in Leavenworth

hollowed be thy shame


Pakistani bombs

for Hindu moms

nuclear alliance

family violence

another fire

Gandhi’s pyre

slaves burning

graves turning

Islam’s refrain

the reign in Tehran

is mainly insane

nothing but pain

for the gals again


noble’s pillage

the global village

junk bonds

drunk blondes

curtain calls

Berlin Walls


rat infested

under invested

reality tested

take the anger train

from Bangor Maine

fly the friendly skies

to your own demise


give me Tienamen

drought hearted men

I’ll give you

ten million chinese coolies

producing doilies

a double lobatomy

for the global economy

aburst the bubble

the world in rubble

big trouble



gonna land us all in prison


… or worse



1. 47whitebuffalo - July 14, 2013

Way to hit the nails on their heads with the poetic hammer.
For some reason your darl poem provides some reiief today, RH.

rogerhollander - July 14, 2013

Querido White Buffalo, thank you for all you kind comments on my Blog. I wrote that poem about five years ago, put it up on the Blog, and had more or less forgotten about it. I am quite sure I was not stoned when I wrote it, I had given up that sort of thing many years before. I am more than pleased that it has provided you with some relief, we need all we can get. Abrazos, hermano.

2. 47whitebuffalo - July 15, 2013

Hola rogerhollander. Funny, I did not consider that you needed to be stoned to write such a poem. Guess that says something about me.Yes, we all do need some relief–and it seems to be in short supply these days. Glad you tucked the link in down below on the sidebar. One can read a lot of wordcraft without any guts …
What a different world this could be if we all practiced a lot more kindness towards each other.

rogerhollander - July 15, 2013

Hola, Búfaloblanco, I appreciate and enjoy reading your comments. When are you going to come and visit us in Ecuador???

3. 47whitebuffalo - July 15, 2013

Ecuador, as in Adventure in the Andes…hmm…good question. Why haven’t I wandered there yet…. No time like the present I guess. LOL.

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